Sunday, January 8, 2012

Animated Architecture: a site-specific video art project.

"Animated Architecture: 3D Video Mapping Projections on Historic Philadelphia Sites" is the working title for a proposed series of site-specific, outdoor/indoor video art events, usually held at night, screened at various Philadelphia buildings.
This engaging live video festival will use 3D projection mapping- a recent technology that "animates" stationary objects with immersive video (and sound/music). Spectators do not need special glasses for viewing, since the animations get processed by software to project a "video-skin" over exterior architectural surfaces, generating animated, 3D effects.
The projects are curated by Sean Stoops, who will select video/installation artists to work with, based on an open call and other research.
After agreeing with the artists and the City of Philadelphia on sites/buildings/spaces to be projected on, we will create site-specific video animations- initially testing with small projections and scale models and collaborating with software artists/programmers to eventually create the videos for full-size screening.